Disk Encryption Software Cryptic Disk Create virtual encrypted disks with on-the-fly encryption.

Disk Encryption Software Cryptic Disk

Virtual encrypted disks are the best way to protect personal or confidential information on your home computer. Data encryption takes place in real time when information is written or read, and in no way affects your computer`s performance. Containers are mounted as separate disks; protected with the best available algorithms, they can be accessed using a password or key file. Cryptic Disk - the only disk encryption software you`ll ever need!

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Hexprobe Disk Encryption Tool 3.02: Encrypt and password protect your disk with 256-bit AES algorithm.

Hexprobe Disk Encryption Tool 3.02

A simple, easy-to-use disk encryption tool that encrypts and password protects your removable and external disk. It allows you choose a secure password and a gold lock or a silver lock to encrypt the logical drive on your various disks. And it uses 256-bit AES algorithm for maximum security and does not store the password on any media. Its powerful encryption ensures that only you can open an encrypted logical drive.

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SafeBit Disk Encryption 1.8: Hide your sensitive files and important documents in virtual encrypted drives

SafeBit Disk Encryption 1.8

Disk Encryption is the perfect electronic vault you need for your privacy. It features on-the-fly AES encryption, by creating virtual encrypted disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all the time, but still work with them just like you work with normal files. Data is decrypted automatically during the transfer from disk to memory, and re-encrypted when data is written back to disk. This process is transparent to the

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SecDisk Hard Disk & USB Disk Encryption Tool 3.0: SecDisk is a powerful disk encryption tool to protect you private data.

SecDisk Hard Disk & USB Disk Encryption Tool 3.0

Disk do not generate any temporary files, after the encrypt disk is dismounted, all data will be locked again. SecDisk has many useful features:if you do not want other person view your encrypted disk,SecDisk can hide the driver letter,if you do not want other person access your encrypted disk in explorer,SecDisk can do it,or if you worry other person format your encrypted disk,SecDisk can supply the format protection,if you forget to close your

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Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 2.00: Disk encryption software that secures data on laptops, USB disks and more.

Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 2.00

encryption software is compatible with virtually any version of Windows, including the latest 64-bit releases of Windows XP and Windows 2003. The encryption program`s mobility allows it to be used in conjunction with a broad range of portable media, for instance: USB flash drives,external hard disks, flash memory cards, DVDs, or digital MP3 players, such as the iPod. Private Disk Multifactor becomes a true USB disk encryption program, as it can be

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DiskEncryptor 1.6: Encrypt and decrypt a disk or cd image transparently, and protect your...

DiskEncryptor 1.6

disk/cd encryption system, which combin with AES 256-bit encryption. DiskEncryptor can make a disk partition encrypted on the windows system or create some new virtual disks and cds. After encypted, all the operation for this encrypted disk is as the same as a normal disk, when read and write, the decryption and encryption engine is running at background and transparently. DiskEncryptor doesn`t allow you to read and write the right data on the disk

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Dekart Private Disk 2.09: Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program for Windows.

Dekart Private Disk 2.09

disk encryption program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to protect your confidential information. Private Disk hides and restricts access to your programs and data. Dekart Private Disk features an innovative Disk Firewall mechanism - a unique technology that shields your files from viruses and other malware even if your antivirus or antispyware program fails to protect the system. Now you can create a white-list of

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imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption 3.0.3: Encrypt your laptop, including boot sectors, system, and swap files.

imlSoft Whole Disk Encryption 3.0.3

imlSoft Whole Disk Encryptio locks down the entire contents of a laptop, desktop, external drive, or USB flash drive, including boot sectors, system, and swap files. The data encryption software continuously safeguards data from unauthorized access, providing strong security for intellectual property, customer and partner data, and corporate brand equity.

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Cryptic Disk Ultimate Edition Encryption of physical and virtual disks on HDDs, USB drives, memory cards.

Cryptic Disk Ultimate Edition

disks are mounted as separate disks attached to a drive letter of your choice, or an ordinary folder on NTFS disks. They do not have any special markers which give away that they are, in fact, an encrypted disk. Addition protection can be provided using steganography, by creating hidden encrypted disks inside of other ones. Only Ultimate Edition allows users to increase the encryption key size from 256 to 2944 bits by using cascading encryption (

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Evidence Crypt 6.0: EvidenceCrypt is a leader in real time encryption software.

Evidence Crypt 6.0

encryption. Ideal to encrypt USB disks, sticks, secondary disks, partitions, CDs, DVDs, containers etc. EvidenceCrypt also allows to hide data in music files and create hidden containers, partitions: By entering the correct password, the disks open, if however you are forced to reveal a password, you could reveal a pre-configured fake password and the disk will open showing fake, prepared information. Full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication

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